Less is more with Data Compression!

DATA, the word itself contains so much of frazzledness, as data is the only subject which has so many processes, types etc like, preserving data, storing data, processing data, comparing data, extracting data, compressing without loss etc, which sounds tedious and fuzzy.

And it also gives abstraction of being HUGE in size. Preserving the huge amount data without loss of information is the biggest difficulty an individual/organisation faces. Large data may contain large no. of files, photos, documents which are useful.

The problem now arises for storing of this huge data without any loss! The loss may include loss in a bit of image, or loss of any important information from any file etc.

The question comes here is ” How the loss of information can occur in any electronically stored data?”

The answer for this may confuse or amuse you; the loss occurs while cleaning data, processing data or conversion of data eternally done in everyday tasks that use data.

This loss in data is harmful as the chunk of information is lost which may be important. Then what about images? How the loss occurs in images? The answer for this is, ” the bits of images are lost which makes it blur or sometimes stretched or partly lost the image.”

To store data without loss of data and quality, DATA COMPRESSION becomes a boon. Data Compression is ” art of reducing the size of file/document by reducing bits of a document without harming the quality”. This compressed data is used to store with less storage space and is also helpful during transmission of data.



It is the most useful method for storing the large amount data and for transmitting data. there are various techniques used for compression of data which are beneficial and efficient. Some examples of compressed data file are WinZip, RAR files, a .zip file, Tape Archive etc.

Data Compression Techniques include two major types of compression:
Lossy Compression
Lossless Compression

Lossy Compression is when the compression includes some loss of data during compression and when re-compression, 100% original data is not obtained. Examples of lossy compression are JPEG image compression, MPEG video compression, audio compression etc.It also yields a much higher compression ratio than that of lossless compression.

Some Advantages of Lossy Compression are:

  • Useful for smaller files
  • Quicker to send, store
  • Easy transfer
  • Cheaper as compared to lossless techniques.

Disadvantages include:

  • Low-resolution data
  • Editable data is discarded
  • 100% original data is not obtained
  • Low-quality printing of data

Lossless Compression is when the user gets 100% original data quality is obtained during re-compression is done.Examples of lossless compression are PNG compression, PDF compression, GIF etc.It has lower compression rate.

Some Advantages of Lossless Compression are:

  • Useful for large files
  • Exact data is restored after re-compression
  • High-quality data

Disadvantages include:

  • Compression ratio is low
  • Transfer time is high
  • Decoding is difficult

These Data compression techniques are both useful in their own ways. The important thing to notice is that the data quality must be maintained and Compressing the data is fruitful as it has many advantages.Using Data Compression the large data can be stored with lesser space, as it is said: “Less is More” ; is what one needs.

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Turn your Imagination to realism, adopt Graphic Designing!

Designing is the way of conveying your imagination to perception.It is an art and execution of planning and presenting your ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.It is an art with a purpose. It meant to give a special effect to your imagination. The main purpose is to communicate through images, words, ideas to convey some message to the audience. For example, to design advertisement, logo, stamps, magazines, books combining images words, quotes etc.It is present everywhere to be found be like newspaper, magazines, branding, websites, posters, books.

Graphic designing is something which drives attention with its attractiveness.It is the classic form of influencing and aspires to foster a reliable brand for business it is associated to. It takes only moment to perceive the reciprocity for any logo or design, brand and attracts the enterprise dramatically. This makes creative elements as extraordinarily important to any business.

Let us consider an example: Microweb outsourcing services, The graphical interface is kept with respect to the objective, simple yet attractive! The colors used are mild and pleasing to eyes similarly, the fonts and layouts used are giving the sharp idea of their services.The logo says a lot about it  with the name in it.

Graphic design can set various purposes and most essential of them would be:

Identifying: This is for serving branding reasons. the design targets the respective audience in the way which is practical, engaging and professional.

Efficiency:  Using your designs in the best likely manner, will promote the objective of your business and will satisfy customers as well. The designing method is capable of sharpening the need of market and can be taken to further step, by formulating a quick way to identify the business. As for example badly designed can negatively affect productivity and efficiency.

Visual Aesthetics tools: It is always essential to have a strong design and shorter time and effort spent on that design, makes your business’ marketing richer.It becomes useful only when your purpose meets visual aesthetics equally.As people always believe that the good dress always leaves an outstanding impression.

Makes you look good: Great design will allow you make a good impression on those who are looking on, a little more. The great design stands out in the minds of decision makers and can influence their choices, both deliberately and subconsciously.

Informative: Portrayal and attention can make your business successful. Users always observe the signs of professionalism to assure the trust. Graphic design plays a critical role in conveying information by communicating your offerings in the form of posters, websites etc.

The design elements used for designing are the combination of line, shapes, pleasing colours, textual content etc. The tools used are Sketchpads, software, referencing books etc.The methods/skills included in Graphic designing are:

Typography: it is the visual representation of written matter in a unique, pleasing and appealing way when displayed. different techniques that are included in typography are Spacing, character variations, contrasting, fonts, hierarchy, and scale, size etc.

Page layout: It deals with the composition of text, images and other objects within the page. the techniques are used often to customize the presentation/look of any magazines, posters, brochures etc. types of layouts like web layout, graphical layout is used according to the requirements. some of the techniques used in page layouts are selecting the grid, use white space, using the rule of thirds, repeat design elements, hierarchy, contrast etc.

⦁ Print Marketing: It is an important part of promoting business usually on paper. It normally includes the content with its originality maintained and sometimes called “impression”. there are various methods like transferring to ink from matrices or paper. matrices can be either wood plate or a paper or copper plate etc. Various examples of print marketing include paper printing, brochures, newspapers, magazines, directories etc.


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Image Processing, an asset to Data Preservation!

There are an enormous number of images are available with different formats for daily use or storing data. With different formats, images are incompetent to use to any other software/formats as because of changes in the primary properties and corrective considerations. As for example, RAW images cannot be used to any other formats without changing its native properties. And, for this, there is much software for image conversions and image processing is available which is capable of converting and process images to various formats which can be used by any user for various purposes.

For any user, that deals with clump images in various formats.They face problems like:
1) The different format images.
2) they occupy a large space.
3) sometimes are Unreadable to any software.
4) Loss due to compression.
5) Raw Images.

To get rid of this problem and work effortlessly in with images, Image Processing is an important process. With this image Processing, images can be converted to required format like PDF, PNG, TIFF, Raw image format and much more which in turn will become e productive in many ways like taking lesser space, readable and can be store the information of the image in the database with easy retrievals.

The process of Image Processing includes:

Image Restoration: The motive of image restoration is to “undo”, “remunerate” defects which are corrupt images in one way or other.This degradation is in forms like noise, blurs, miss focus, raw images, low pixels, image tightening etc.There are many possible ways to get precaution and cure of this degradation like using various algorithms and noise removal processes to improve the quality of images.

Image Enhancement: It the is the process of making images modified which can make the results acceptable to display for further uses or analyze the image for data extraction form the image.This is the process without which the image information cannot be extracted utterly.Examples of Image Enhancement includes sharpening, brightening, denoise it, saturate image etc.

Information Extraction: It is the function of extracting structured data from unstructured various documents.It usually includes natural language processing for activities done by human entities. The information that can be fetched from documents includes the date, time, type of image, text information in the form of images etc.

To make any image work on any software Image Processings and conversions are needed. Image conversion process includes various subtypes and these subtypes have their own unique functioning.
· Image Editing
· Raster to Vector processing
· Image Masking
· ClipPath service.
The main purpose of this processing and conversion is to improve the quality of images.The better the Image, the better the output.

Benefits of Image Processing/Conversion:
⦁ Formats are maintained.
⦁ Turnaround Time is increased
⦁ Easy storage and easy retrievals.
⦁ Important features such as edges can be extracted from images which can be used in industry.
⦁ Images can be sorted automatically by the content present in them.
⦁ unrecognizable features can be made prominent.
⦁ Images can be given more sharpness and better visual appearance.
⦁ Errors can be rectified.
⦁ Cost effective and productive.
⦁ Compactible and systematic.

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How can data entry outsourcing benefit you?

Big organizations have a huge amount of data to manage every day. For efficient functioning, it is very important to classify such data effectively. Though for big organizations, it is a tiresome task to oversee enormous amount of data. Hence, data entry has emerged to be the task which is highly outsourced.

Outsourcing makes sure on delivering higher customer satisfaction and readily availability of skillfully organized information. In this article, we look forward to how outsourcing data entry helps big organizations to increase their productivity and return on investment (ROI).

  1. Accurate data management: Outsourcing will help you in systematically storing and managing your data in digital format across various platforms. This ensures the availability of data at the time of analysis and hence helps in taking crucial decisions.
  1. Saving on time: Outsourcing reduces administrative workload. Data entry professionals are well trained to efficiently handle a large amount of data in short time without adjusting for quality. Saves a lot of time, isn’t it?
  1. High-quality services: Outsourcing helps in keeping the data up to date and error-free. To maintain the quality of service, most of the data is approved by the computer first and then manually check. That means, double check!
  1. Data security: Data entry service providers keep the proper back-up with various solutions to disaster recovery in case of data loss. Also, strict regulations are maintained when it comes to data security.
  1. Low costs: According to a survey, outsourcing data entry services helps in reduction of the cost up to 60%. When this job is done in-house, there is no need of investing in infrastructure, manpower and computer systems.

In summary, outsourcing data entry services to professionals help in channelizing your workflow wit reduction in cost, time, resources and efforts.

Looking for a reliable outsourcing partner, try us out. Get in touch with us here.

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2 Major Questions of OCR Scanning Answered

Documentation in an organization was a big challenge without OCR Scanning Software. Before that, companies had millions of documents and they need to file up them in several cabinets. Also, there was additional labor which was hired or given the tiresome task to check the files. It was a war of Time and Space management fought by millions of employees on daily basis for the rest of their careers. But, with the use of OCR software, the days of suffering were left in the past. Companies can now organize their files with their computers. They can send and retrieve data and information through the OCR program. When a company utilizes OCR Scanning, they will be able to remove their rusted cabinets and increase workflow output. So now, let’s get into some details and make sure what the two questions mean.

The first Question is “What is OCR Scanning Software?”

OCR stands for “Optical Character Recognition” and it is a scanning software program which is designed to smoothen workflow by simply organizing files. As the name suggests, it is a software that will scan different forms, handwritten documents, pictures and create an easily accessible document that can be edited and analyzed on your computer. It has also evolved into ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition). The software might be updated and added with more features for smooth functioning but the purpose remains the same.

The second Question is “What are the benefits of  OCR Scanning Software?”

There are lots of benefits of OCR Scanning software. Companies will be able to save a lot of money by simply using such programs. A lot of time which is used in filing and organizing such documents will be reduced to zero. OCR programs allow users to get files that are in Office format, XML, even email messages and other such options which can help entrepreneurs and strategists to analyze and strategize with this data. With digitized documents, you can easily share it with concerned persons and also keep a copy for future retrievals. You can simply type in the name or content and get access to the file. There are some OCR programs which also have timeline output. It means the files can be organized in a timeline setting and you can open the files from the dates. You can also help increase the productivity of the employees by giving them more time. Ultimately you will save time and employee’s interest in their work leading to increased Profitability.

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Important Data Processing Services for Smooth Daily Operations

Data Processing simply means conversion of unorganized data into easily accessible and useful formation. The Information becomes useful for entrepreneurs, strategists or managers of the business when it is in a form where meaning could be derived out of it. Thus, to organize the data as per Data processing, tasks like entering data into the computer, summarize it and index and display it to the users in a way that they can understand it and use for the betterment of the Business.

To have it in a perfect form, organizations nowadays outsource data processing services to experts. The reason why Outsourcing of Data Processing is preferred is because the Experts like Microweb Outsourcing Services from India have developed many automated processes as well as software and hardware that processes information quickly and in least possible cost with utmost accuracy. It also allows organizations to deliver their employees a work freedom ultimately leading to better productivity and profitability. Thus, here are the Data Processing Services you need to carry out for the smooth functioning of your businesses.


Important Data Processing services that can help business considerably:

1). Forms processing:

Get data from forms like application forms, registration forms, admission forms etc. and get accurate data for the future planning.

2.) Check processing:

Keeping a number check is important. Thus, get services like scanning, verification and evaluation, truncation and market assessment of check.

3.) Image processing:

Images are the things that portray owner’s vision. Get services like image editing, enhancing, retouching, optimizing, enhancing and converting the images into the desired format.

 4.) OCR Cleanup:

Getting a digitized copy with advanced OCR scanning of Document, handwritten files, and other such formats.

5.) Survey Processing:

Survey results decide the fate of the subject, so get perfect data processing services like questionnaire making, scanning the result of the survey, analyzing and interpreting survey feedback.

Get the above mentioned Data Processing services or other Data Management services from a market leader of Data Management.

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6 Vital Benefits of Outsourcing Data Conversion Services

Data is an important factor in any decision-making process of any organization. There is a lot of data generated in the day to day operations of the organization. To make the proper decision for the betterment of the business, you need to get valuable information out of data. To get that, you need to convert and get the data into one single format.

To convert lots of data, an organization might require a lot of time, resource, and money. Also, it is not wise to have in-house conversion department. It is better option to outsource data conversion task to some reputed and trusted company as it is a more feasible option.

Today, many big and small organizations outsource data conversion jobs. But, that won’t be enough for you to believe us. So below are the 6 benefits of outsourcing Data Conversion job.

1.) Immense Cost Savings:

You save up to 75% in your Capital cost when you outsource it to Microweb Outsourcing Services. You get cost benefits in setting up infrastructure, software, hardware, and expertise. You can get all these facilities without spending much time or money on it by outsourcing the Data Conversion services to us.

2.) Varied Options:

You get multiple options for conversion formats. You can get the conversion done of OCR Conversion, Document Conversion, HTML Conversion, PDF Conversion, XML Conversion, and Word Conversion into any format of your desire from Microweb Outsourcing Services.

3.) Accurate Job Operations:

Document conversion requires experienced and skilled professional. We have them and we can cope up with various errors and deliver our clients i.e. you, the error-free solution. So, you will get accurate output.

4.) Quick Output:

You don’t need to set up the hardware or resources for the Data Conversion. You don’t even have to hire experts to do the job. You just have to assign the work and it can be started the very same day and that also with 100% accountability.

5.) Efficient Core Business:

When you outsource the Data Conversion job to us, you can utilize the money you save to explore your core-business or employee benefits. This way you can boost the productivity of employees as well as generate efficient core business system.

6.) Increased Profitability:

The ultimate goal of data conversion is to increase the profitability. And if you wish to do the same without doing wasting any extra time or money, all you need to do is outsource the job to us. Along with perfect Data Conversion services, we also give you perfect consulting for increasing the business as we also do the research. These are some other benefits of outsourcing data conversion as well. You can also get a competitive advantage, better productivity, time zone benefits and higher employee satisfaction level.

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6 Vital Reasons why Data Entry Services must be Outsourced

Without proper information, no company can go ahead and become successful. For effective decision making, proper information is essential. So all the data that is generated is one of the most important parts of any organization as Data can be processed into Information. For Proper Data management, a reliable source for data handling is inevitable and for that, you can outsource the work to an experienced Data Entry company. Currently, Data Entry solutions for every type of business needs are available at affordable rate. And with Data Entry Outsourcing you will not only be able to manage the data effectively but also save a substantial amount of money for the same. Here are the 6 Vital Reasons of data entry outsourcing:

1.) One Stop Destination for all the Data Management Needs :

Data entry firms’ offers numbers of services like data processing, scanning, information formatting, data conversion, indexing and others. They belong to this industry and competing to fulfill your requirement and deliver the best output in required formats such as Word, Excel, JPG, HTML, XML, and Other.

2.) Get the Issues Solved:

Data Management isan ongoing process and with the growth of the company, there are many issues like information about employees, benefits, healthcare, and insurances and to tune with rapidly changing scenarios, Data management expertise is essential. If organization outsources some of their responsibilities, various issues get resolved quickly and automatically.

3.) Superior Quality Services:

You can expect superior data management and high-quality services from Microweb Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. We have experienced and skilled professionals with latest technologies to deliver unexpected result and lead the competition.

4.) Least Possible Cost:

You can lower down your capital cost up to 75% of infrastructure and cost of salary, stationery and other if you outsource data entry task to us.

5.) Highest Possible Efficiency:

If your employees are free from routine and the tiring process of entering information, they can be more productive. So, you can expect higher job satisfaction and still get 99.98% of Accuracy.

6.) Outsource to Experts:

You must think about the outsourcing country. India is chosen by various companies for data typing outsourcing. And Microweb Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. is the Government Recognized and Customer Preferred Data Management Company.

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