OCR Conversion

OCR Conversion is outsourced by the clients for a reason, they require a certain level of expertise to convert an OCR file without facing any error. As the OCR data is collected generally from the paper documents, there are high chances of errors. When you opt for the Data Conversion Services from Microweb Outsourcing Services from India, you get professional help to analyze the conversion as well as we also dedicate a team of the analyst who will look over the conversion to avoid errors and provide our clients’ accurate data that will be editable, searchable and in compressed form.

When you opt for Data Conversion of OCR, you can ask for the conversion into the following formats:ocr-conversion

  • OCR to MS Word
  • OCR to Excel
  • OCR to CSV
  • OCR to PDF
  • OCR to HTML
  • OCR to RTF
  • OCR to XML
  • OCR to XPS (XML paper Specification)
  • OCR to Open office documents


Apart from that, we will also analyze the project you have and also suggest you the perfect conversion format for your project that can give you maximum benefit. Apart from that if you wish to have the converted data in microfiche data conversion or microfilm data conversion that also can be done by us. Apart from this all services we also provide services where we convert your data in any form into an OCR form or you can say we generate an electronic format for your data that is not digitized.

We can provide the OCR Data Conversion Services for below mentioned formats:

  • OCR via handwriting/scanning/images/acrobat/clean up paper documents
  • OCR from MICR
  • Typewritten format to OCR
  • Cursive to OCR
  • Music to OCR
  • General coding
  • Litigation coding 


We love new things and challenges so if you wish to make data conversion for any other format, we will be pleased to know and when you ask for Data Conversion from document to OCR we will provide an electronic document that can be printed and gives you an authority to handle the business crests with much ease.

Below are few benefits of choosing Microweb Outsourcing Services from India for OCR Data Conversion Service:

  • You get expert help for the conversion
  • You save a big amount of cost when you outsource Data Conversion Project
  • You can also use our private Data Base where you can on demand can save your converted files for future retrievals. 


To know more about all the available conversion options or if you wish to discuss your budgetary terms or our pricing strategy, contact us anytime and get a quote or you can also outsource some special project to us and discuss all the specifications that you need to outsource to us.


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