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Whether the business is profit making or not but, each business needs to make certain important decisions and all those decisions are generally based on the past experience or through the data collected via research. But to take such decisions, it is mandatory that the data collected can be easily accessed as well as compared for better decision making. Since all the data is available in different forms and some of the data might even be handwritten. To keep all the data in one standard format is essential, that format can be the Excel format.

Hire Microweb Outsourcing Services from India to do the Data Entry of all those data in excel format whether the data is in picture format or some audio transcript or in handwritten format. We do the manual entry of all the data and yet guarantee an accuracy of at least 99%. On an average, the accuracy which we have maintained for all the Excel Data Entry Projects in all these years is 99.98%. And the cost which all of our clients have saved for outsourcing the Excel Data Entry service is a minimum of 60% to 80% in few projects. Still, if you think the data is huge and you need to do some testing before hiring us, you can also opt for one PILOT PROJECT which we will perform and deliver for your satisfaction. There are few other benefits of hiring Microweb for your project, they are mentioned below:

Below are few benefits of choosing Microweb Outsourcing Services from India for Excel Data Entry Service:


  • Get accurate data entry for manual keying of text or, numeric or figure and other
  • Quick time-based Data entry from books, dictionaries, journals and magazine into excel
  • Get relevant information via data extraction from web pages into excel spreadsheets
  • Error free reports and generation of excel from huge volume of data entry from the excel spreadsheets
  • Get data entry service for patterned data into excel


To know more about all the available options or if you wish to discuss your terms, contact us anytime and get a quote or ask for the PILOT PROJECT for your project.


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