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Most of the time it happens that all the information you need to make the decision or to design a strategy to optimize the profitability of your business is already present in your database but, the problem is you cannot access that information or the information is not in the right place where it should be. So you would need to index your data in your database and make the data accessible and editable at your convenience. Outsource the Data Indexing Service to us and we will make sure your data is indexed as per your requirement.

The Indexing Data Entry can be done with following Online and Offline Options:

  • Document and Information retrieval
  • Document conversion as per the Keywords
  • Archiving the older files
  • Categorization of the available data
  • Manual Indexing of documents such as manuscripts


For Online Data Indexing we use technologies like OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Form Recognition and Barcode Data Recognition and for offline Data Indexing Services, we have a team of Professionals who will generate electronic files of the manuscripts and handwritten documents to make them easily accessible. We help in indexing the data in such manner that information available in form of Images or if you need information access with the use of keywords, we can do it. Apart from all these we also provide certain other benefits to our clients for using our services that are mentioned below:

Below are few benefits of choosing Microweb Outsourcing Services from India for Survey Data Entry Service:

  • You can retrieve the required document at lightning fast speed. 
  • The access to all the documents and information in your database speeds up.
  • You save a substantial amount of money because you save the time that the knowledge workers will take to find and retrieve the required information. 
  • With our electronic indexing systems, we can search through the database for required records within seconds in comparison to the time knowledge workers will take to retrieve the same info.
  • With our indexing services, you can also integrate all your information with existing data management systems. 
  • Search documents easily with our indexing solutions and get proper categorization and classification.


To know more about all the available options or if you wish to discuss your terms, contact us anytime and get a quote or ask for some special project to be carried by us and all the specifications that you need to outsource to us.


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