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In some organizations for employee retainment, many perks are provided and insurances are few of them. In many countries, there is a law to provide safety insurances like in manufacturing units and some chemical industries. So when the number of employees is more so is the need of the insurance application as well as the claims. We at Microweb Outsourcing pick up such Insurance based Data Entry Projects and ease off the process of claiming the insurance amount for the organization.


When you opt for services like this from us, we make sure we provide accurate results and also keep track of the claims. When we say about tracking the claims, we talk about each and every stage of claim entry process so our client can get the accurate data to scrutinize, analyze the case and decide feasibility on the claim made. We also have experts who will convert all the paper based claim forms into an electronic form. Apart from all these services, when you opt data entry services from Microweb Outsourcing Services from India, you will get certain benefits and exclusive services, they are mentioned in the below content:

Below are few benefits of choosing Microweb Outsourcing Services from India for Insurance Claim Data Entry Service:

  • Filling out the Disability claim forms for the units who has workers or other employees working in their unit
  • Filling the Critical illness claim forms with reference to the employee’s actual condition and doing the job with accuracy to save time as well as cost of the client
  • Whenever an employee is admitted we also do the data entry work for filling the hospitalization claim forms
  • When there is an unfortunate event, we also help the organization in the process of Death claim by filing the necessary documents and forms.
  • Organization needs to keep the track of the events and the claims so we all provide data entry services for document coding and indexing and scanning solutions.


To know more about all the available options or if you wish to discuss your terms, contact us anytime and get a quote or ask for some special project that you need to outsource to us.


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