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Turn your Imagination to realism, adopt Graphic Designing!

Designing is the way of conveying your imagination to perception.It is an art and execution of planning and presenting your ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.It is an art with a purpose. It meant to give a special effect to your imagination. The main purpose is to communicate through images, words, ideas to convey some message to the audience. For example, to design advertisement, logo, stamps, magazines, books combining images words, quotes etc.It is present everywhere to be found be like newspaper, magazines, branding, websites, posters, books.

Graphic designing is something which drives attention with its attractiveness.It is the classic form of influencing and aspires to foster a reliable brand for business it is associated to. It takes only moment to perceive the reciprocity for any logo or design, brand and attracts the enterprise dramatically. This makes creative elements as extraordinarily important to any business.

Let us consider an example: Microweb outsourcing services, The graphical interface is kept with respect to the objective, simple yet attractive! The colors used are mild and pleasing to eyes similarly, the fonts and layouts used are giving the sharp idea of their services.The logo says a lot about it  with the name in it.

Graphic design can set various purposes and most essential of them would be:

Identifying: This is for serving branding reasons. the design targets the respective audience in the way which is practical, engaging and professional.

Efficiency:  Using your designs in the best likely manner, will promote the objective of your business and will satisfy customers as well. The designing method is capable of sharpening the need of market and can be taken to further step, by formulating a quick way to identify the business. As for example badly designed can negatively affect productivity and efficiency.

Visual Aesthetics tools: It is always essential to have a strong design and shorter time and effort spent on that design, makes your business’ marketing richer.It becomes useful only when your purpose meets visual aesthetics equally.As people always believe that the good dress always leaves an outstanding impression.

Makes you look good: Great design will allow you make a good impression on those who are looking on, a little more. The great design stands out in the minds of decision makers and can influence their choices, both deliberately and subconsciously.

Informative: Portrayal and attention can make your business successful. Users always observe the signs of professionalism to assure the trust. Graphic design plays a critical role in conveying information by communicating your offerings in the form of posters, websites etc.

The design elements used for designing are the combination of line, shapes, pleasing colours, textual content etc. The tools used are Sketchpads, software, referencing books etc.The methods/skills included in Graphic designing are:

Typography: it is the visual representation of written matter in a unique, pleasing and appealing way when displayed. different techniques that are included in typography are Spacing, character variations, contrasting, fonts, hierarchy, and scale, size etc.

Page layout: It deals with the composition of text, images and other objects within the page. the techniques are used often to customize the presentation/look of any magazines, posters, brochures etc. types of layouts like web layout, graphical layout is used according to the requirements. some of the techniques used in page layouts are selecting the grid, use white space, using the rule of thirds, repeat design elements, hierarchy, contrast etc.

⦁ Print Marketing: It is an important part of promoting business usually on paper. It normally includes the content with its originality maintained and sometimes called “impression”. there are various methods like transferring to ink from matrices or paper. matrices can be either wood plate or a paper or copper plate etc. Various examples of print marketing include paper printing, brochures, newspapers, magazines, directories etc.


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